Hexagon EP: Adam Kaase’s Newest Mine of Gold

Adam Kaase’s new EP was released on November 19th 2021 with two Melodic House/Techno tracks and the Internet is already loving it

Adam was born in France and is currently based in Barcelona. After his trip to Amsterdam in 2013, he has been solemnly focused on music production and this EP is no exception to his success. With a strict working schedule, from 8 to 10 hours of producing, he is determined to continue to grow and show his growth and evolution through his music.

During his trip, he fell in love with the electronic music scene. After attending multiple events, he decided that his main goal while producing with original mixes will be to generate different emotions in his audience, to make them feel what he felt back in 2013. Adam has learned throughout the years about reading the crowd, understanding them and acting upon these actions in order to make them have a great time and dance all night long.

The EP consists of the tracks “Hexagon” and “Blue Sky” released with Fresco Records. Two Melodic House/Techno tracks filled with smooth synths, transitions and strong basslines. With just a few weeks in of the release, the feedback received from his fanbase has been filled with positiveness.


“Nice ambience. I like the arpy beeps and the bass”

“Woow love the start in the track, cool done!”

“Really nice job on this music sounds are so good”

“Man the beat, vocals and flow!! dope track man”

Just to mention a few…

Source: https://www.wootmag.com/hexagon-ep-adam-kaases-newest-mine-of-gold/